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  • 1 November 2018

    The history of Poland and the fate of human destiny have caused that Poles scattered all over the world. In the farthest places, far from the Homeland, we could find Polish necropoles and lonely graves where candles will be lit those days.


    Mr Andrzej Kalinowski, Consul of the Republic of Poland to Romania, has visited graves and memorial sites devoted to Poles buried in various places of hospitable Romanian soil (for example in Brăila).


    The representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Romania: counsellor Michalina Radecka-Kowalska, Mateusz Łabuz and Piotr Sobczak along with Defence Attaché Col Jerzy Jankowski and officers serving in Bucharest: Lt Col Tomasz Rybka (NATO Force Integration Unit) and Capt. Kamil Arendt (Headquarters Multinational Division South East) paid tribute to Poles buried at the Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest.


    The ceremony was also an opportunity to commemorate the former grave of Józef Beck, the last pre-war Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, buried there in the years 1944-1991. Today, there is a symbolic grave in this place. In May 1991, Beck's remains were repatriated to Poland and interred at Warsaw's Powązki Military Cemetery.



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