• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • The forties:

    1) 13 VIII 1945
    As an answer to proposition of Romanian Royal Government about establishing diplomatic relations, Provisional Government of the National Unity of the Republic of Poland (RP) decided to establish diplomatic relations.

    2) 6-28 IX 1945
    In those days a delegation of the Kingdom of Romania with Titus CRISTEANU, the President of Commission for Trade Treaties in Romanian Ministry of Trade, as a head of delegation, visited Poland. Delegation negotiated with representatives of Polish Provisional Government of National Unity. Additional protocols to Polish-Romanian trade treaty (from 7 VII 1945 signed in Moscow) were added.

    3) 27 VII 1946
    Negotiations on trade treaty that were held in Warsaw ended. In Romanian delegation were present: a director of department in the Ministry of Foreign Trade BELIGRADEANU, representatives of Romanian Railways and an expert from Romanian National Bank.

    4) 21-23 IV 1947
    Polish trade delegation visited Bucharest. A new commercial convention on sugar and crop was signed.

    5) 22 II 1948
    An organizational meeting of Polish-Romanian Society took place in Warsaw. Mieczysław Popiel became its board chairman.

    6) 26- 28 II 1948
    A delegation of Romanian Government, with Prime Minister Petru GROZA as a head of it, visited Poland. Members of delegation: the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anna PAUKER, the Minister of Internal Affairs Teohari GEORGESCU, the Minister of Information Octav LIVEZEANU and the Minister of Art Jon Pas. Delegation was accompanied by: General Secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aleksander VOITINOVICI and a Director of the Department of Politics in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edward MEZINCESCU. On 27th of February Treaty on cultural co-operation was signed. The President of Poland Bolesław Bierut received delegation.

    7) 3-11 IX 1948
    A delegation of Polish government with undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade visited Romania. Negotiations about goods exchange between two countries take place during the visit.

    8) 23-26 X 1948
    A Romanian Trade delegation with General Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Trade Sołtan GHAILE, as a head of it, visited Warsaw. Negotiations about trade exchange took place. From Polish side Henryk RÓŻAŃSKI, a director of The Department for Treaties, was chief of the negotiation group.

    9) 22- 26 I 1949
    A delegation of Polish government with PM Józef CYRANKIEWICZ and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Z. MODZELEWSKI visited Bucharest to sign Treaty of friendship, co-operation and mutual help between Poland and Romania. Members of delegation: the Minister of Culture and Art Stefan DYBOWSKI, the Minister of Communication Jan RABANOWSKI. PM Petru GROZA and Minister of Foreign Affairs Anna PAUKER received the delegation. The Treaty was signed on 26th of January 1949.

    10) 22- 24 VII 1949
    A delegation from Poland paid a visit to Bucharest and took part in celebrations of the National Day of Romania. Members of delegation: the Minister Henryk ŚWIĄTKOWSKI, the Minister Wincenty BARANOWSKI and a member of KC PZPR Hilary CHEŁCHOWSKI.

    Tłumaczenie: Jarosław Sekuła

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